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Sunday, September 29, 2013

DWM: another idea for the apples, and third quarter review

I appreciate last week's suggestions for the apple blocks setting. I think the brown blocks were too intense for the light backgrounds of the apples.  I made these Prairie Queen blocks a couple of years ago.  The colors are much better, but the 9" blocks will be awkward to fit around the 5"x 8" apples.  I like the idea of a complex border, but I'll have to cogitate about this design some more.

While the apples continue to ripen I quilted, bound, and labeled  Joyful Noise.  This will be raffled at the AAUW Waukegan Branch holiday party.  I want to sell tickets at the  AAUW-IL fall conference at the end of October, hence my desire to get it done now.  This is finish #29.

My studio looks much better this week than last. Specifically, the floor looks better. We had the carpets cleaned, upstairs (main floor) and down (studio). I would much rather have vinyl flooring on that basement floor, but the carpet was recently-installed when we bought the house.  Now the logistics of moving everything out to rip up the glued-to-concrete Berber are painful just to contemplate. The cleaning is a great improvement.

I'm pleased to report that I did not buy any fabric in September! 
My quarterly report:  Aug-Sept, fabric in: 71-1/4 yards ($151), fabric used: 56-3/8 yards.
Total for the year:  fabric in: 328-7/8 yards ($911 or $2.76/yd), fabric used: 176-1/8 yards.
29 finishes, of which 13 are pre-2013 and 16 were begun in 2013. There are 9 flimsies in the box.

See how other quiltmakers have wrapped up the third quarter at Judy's Patchwork Times. 


  1. A plain inner border in green (?) to increase the size of the apple section to fit the outer border?

  2. I really like the pieced block looks nice together

  3. Nice quilt to make for Apple picking season!

  4. The Prairie Queen blocks look really nice with the apple blocks. Hopefully you can figure out a coping border around the apple blocks to make it all fit!

  5. Beautiful quilt! you just need some sashing between the blocks to get it to the right size for your border blocks and a spacer border between. Great quilt for fall!!

  6. Keep thinking od different ways to finish this one. Take photos and move stuff around until you are happy with it. 29 FINISHES! and only 9 Flimsies left to finish, WOW! That is a great report.

  7. Nice looking combo and thank you for mentioning the block's name, Prairie Queen, because I hadn't known that one.

  8. Great stuff. I'm bookmarking your blog so I can find it easily next time! Thanks for sharing your work.

  9. Re your quarterly report on fabric in/out, it's a sad state of affairs that NOT buying fabric is to be celebrated! Remember back when each fabric purchase brought you a rush of joy and pure pleasure?!?!


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