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Sunday, October 13, 2013

DWM: Postage Stamp Stars in progress

Yikes! Mildew! I had to take everything off these shelves and wipe down the wall in the storage room. (The one place that is vulnerable to outside moisture is the northeast corner of the basement. Fortunately the carpet was not damp. I will monitor that corner carefully.)  While I was at it I wiped down the shelving units (which are plastic, up on bricks so air circulates underneath.)  I thought I would go through the boxes, which contain vintage linens (tablecloths, napkins, embroidered pieces, dish towels, and aprons....the hankies are kept elsewhere). Other boxes contain other sewing and crafty things that I have hauled from one house to another, thinking that someday they might be useful.  I didn't have the emotional strength to do any purging, so I just put everything back.

I have just about completed the transfer of summer clothes and shoes to the closet in the storage room.  I brought up the turtlenecks (actually, mock turtlenecks)....the middle-aged librarian's wardrobe staple.  It's been too warm for t-necks but the weather forecast is for cooler temperatures by the end of the week so I'll be wearing them soon.
Here's the work in progress, Postage Stamp Stars.  I'm not sure what I'll do for the border....any ideas?  (I have only 1/4 yard of the red print left.)
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  1. I run a dehumidifier in the basement all year long to avoid mildew problems; haven't had a problem for more than 45 years.

    Love your postage stamp stars.

  2. I swapped out the wardrobe this week end too. Love the quilt top.

  3. No wardrobe swapping here in SoCal but your remark about your staple wardrobe made me smile :) Love your postage stamp stars!

  4. I just read on some blog that Listerine fights mold and mildew. The gal who wrote the blog (and who knows who it was...) said that she found out about the Listerine from a company that came in to do clean up after one of the hurricane's hit her area. Not a bad thing to keep in the back of the brain. That top is coming along very well. Perhaps a small red border and a piano key border to finish it off. Or some other pieced border... maybe a "ripple" border using the same size squares in the stars lights and darks forming a "ripple". does that make any sense at all? LOL -- I know what I'm talking about but ... to verbalize, not so good for understanding.

  5. Hi Nann...I had to lol at your statement about mock turtle necks being a middle-age is for me too....a past middle age retired teacher. I'll be getting mine out soon. You are almost finished with the quilt on your design wall...very nice and it looks like just about anything you choose for the border will go with the scrappy blocks. How fun to find Design Wall Monday and visit your post. Yes, I'm a newbie to this party, but not to the art and world of Quilting. I owned a 'Brick and Mortar' quilt shop from 1996 through 2005, and now I've joined the online Quilt World with A Quilt Store and More ETSY Shop. My 'Niche' in the ever growing and competitive online fabric shopping world is my 'Inventory and Stash' from the years of buying and selling quality quilt fabrics from top designers and manufacturers. I'd love for you to visit me at CollectInTexas BlogShop which is linked to my ETSY Shop and see what is on my Design Wall today. Just click on the signature link below...hope to see you there.

    Sue CollectInTexas BlogShop

  6. I love the postage stamp blocks - what size are they? I hope to be in an exchange coming up soon, but I went with 2 1/2" squares because I thought smaller would take too long to make something.
    I wasn't sure when I looked at the stars, but I'm sure I see string piecing! Maybe some more of the string piecing as a border.

  7. The stamps are 1.5", so each block is 5.5" unfinished/5" finished. Yes, there is string piecing. You can see a closeup in last week's DWM post.

  8. Hi I thought about the wardrobe swap today but didn't get done. Love your postage stamp and stars. I would do a piano key border of all your fabrics and maybe remove the star points from the outside edge and fill in with background fabrics. just a thought

  9. as we age, do we buy several shirts the same just different colors? I know Info. Love thebwuilt--I know I have that book.

  10. Oh, Nann, I'm sooooo sorry that you had to go through all that cleaning and sorting! I'd have been a train wreck and I admire your strength for coping with it. Bonnie recommended Listerine but I'd say Gin, not for the shelves but for me.
    The quilt top is so pretty! Would four patches be too distracting from the star blocks design? There are many of the postage stamps that seem to read as very dark or black and that might do well to define an inner border. No more turkey red? Go blue, maybe? Hmm.


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