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Sunday, September 1, 2013

DWM: Labor Day edition -- a finish and a new start!

Finish #25 for 2013 -- Tall Sails!  Here's a closeup of the quilting in the blocks. The back & binding used 3-1/8 yards.

The Block Lotto block for September is Tall Boomer. Here are my first two.

An accumulation of mini-9's
Arrived in Saturday's mail

The  Block Swappers host three swaps for 3-1/2" 9-patches each year.  The most recent swap return arrived yesterday.  Rather than just toss them in the box, I put some up on the design wall.  Hmmm.  Earlier this year I made a pile of red-and-white hourglass blocks. Many of them were used in Good Cheer!  (which is my favorite quilt of the year, so far).  I have a sufficiency of 9-patches but it looks as though I'll be making a few more hourglass blocks.....and so a new flimsy is born.

See the fruits of other quiltmakers' labor at Judy's Patchwork Times.


  1. Those swap blocks look great alternating with your hourglass blocks!

  2. Hour glass blocks are so usable. They really make the nine patches sing! Of course, I love red and white which explains some of my gushing!

  3. Looking great! Tried to find your referenced Good Cheer quilt - would you mind sending a link?

  4. Oh love the quilting on the boats, especially the body of the boat, what a great quilt. Those hour glass and nine patch blocks look awesome!

  5. I really like the red/white in-between the 9-patches. It looks great both up close and from the other side of the room. Hope to see more of this one soon.

  6. Love your quilts, especially the nine patches.

  7. oh nann love the boats....sooo cute! and the new flimsy, welcome to the world!


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