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Sunday, August 25, 2013

This week: anniversary and reunion

Friday was our 33rd wedding anniversary. The FB post got more than 100 "likes" and nearly 60 comments -- more anniversary congratulations than we have ever received.   We celebrated by going out to lunch.  I got him some "exotic" beer and ale.  (The hardware store, of all places, stocks specialty sodas.)

Ginger beer, ginger ale, birch beer, and another ginger ale

We went to Hosah Beach in Zion on Saturday afternoon.  It was another perfect day.
I went to Oaklane School from kindergarten to third grade. The school closed long ago when enrollment dropped. The building has been a Korean-American church for more than 20 years. Many Oaklane students have reconnected via Facebook and we had a reunion today (Sunday). There were about 30 people, some of whom I recognized (we went to jr. high and high school, too), and some of whom I didn't. Great fun! (Deli, in the picture below, and her mother still live in their house in the subdivision.) 

Penny, Deli, Laurie, and me


  1. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I celebrated our 33rd on August 9th!

  2. I'm behind on my reading. Nothing new.
    Happy Belated Anniversary!! and many more

    We just celebrated our 35th on 9/2


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