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Monday, August 19, 2013

And in other quilting news....

I finished quilting Tam's Patch on Thursday evening.  That's finish #24 for 2013!  I about a quarter of the way on quilting Tall Sails. 

Friday I went to Geneva, IL, for the RAILS board meeting.  (RAILS = Reaching Across Illinois Library System.)  Two blocks up the street from the library system office I saw a sign that said "Sewing Center."   Look what was in the window!   

Sorry I didn't get the Singer model # -- a 403, maybe? It was a number I didn't recognize.
Update: it is a 320.

The gray machine is a Hamilton Ross.   Scottish/British, maybe? (I haven't yet looked up these manufacturers.)

Wilcox & Gibbs (mid-19th century)
Inside there were more!

Note mother-of-pearl inlay

 The shop is Creative Sewing (  I had a nice chat with Joe and Lisa Flyte, the owners.  He's been a sewing machine tech for more than 30 years.  (If it weren't 70 miles from where I live, I'd take my machines to him.)   I splurged and bought a dozen fat quarters ($1.50 each). 

[This was the second RAILS board meeting I've attended.  I bought fabric after the first one, documented here -- this board position may get somewhat expensive!]

Finally:  this week's beach picture, taken Saturday.  It was a PERFECT day.  DH was able to get down from the bluff to the beach, too. (He has trouble walking.)  The sky and water really were this blue.

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  1. love to see those vintage machines nann...and beach photos are ALWAYS welcome!


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