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Sunday, August 4, 2013

DWM: Thrift store score, strings, and Tam's Patch

I went to Joann's on Friday to get backing fabric for the sailboat quilt (see last week's post).   Despite the temptation of the 25% off-total-purchase coupon, I was very good and got only that fabric and a clearance-bin roll of ribbon. 

Then I went to the Kenosha Salvation Army store.  I scooped up this piece of vintage Fiestaware. I'd never seen it before, and thanks to a Facebook friend I found out that it is a sweets comport .  It's 3-1/2" high.  Salvation Army price:  .94.  Underneath that price sticker was a garage-sale price sticker of .25. (Wish I'd been at that sale, whenever/wherever it was!)  I also succumbed to this fabric -- a Woolworth's flatfold. I'd say it's from the 60's, judging from the color and the 48" width. (It's what's called "bottom-weight," for slacks or a skirt.)  It would be good for Care Bags totebags, if I ever get around to using it. (It's been around for 40+ years, unsewn. Why hurry?)  Original price, as you can see on the label: $2.76.  Salvation Army price: $1.56. 

I attempted to make 10x13 rectangular black-centered string blocks. The black strips did not come out centered. I wasn't in a mood for wonky, off-centered blocks, so I trimmed them all down to the "standard" Heartstrings 9.5".   My other Heartstrings blocks have corners that are the same color as the centers.  This design does not.  It used up about 5 yards of strips, not counting the bedsheet I used for the foundations.

The Block Swappers swapped black-and-white Tam's Patch blocks recently.
Here's what became of those that I received.
The blocks are 8" finished and the flimsy is approx. 58 x 74. The setting fabric is a tiny floral (black on white) that reads as gray. I don't think I'll add a border -- instead, I'll make a wide black binding.

I've added three flimsies to the box.  I need to get back to finishing before I start anything new.

See what other quiltmakers are working on at Judy's Patchwork Times. 


  1. What great finds!! Love your string quilt and your swap blocks quilt is too cute. I love the on-point look and the colorful way you outlined them.

  2. Love you sweets compost, what a great find. Your strings look great. I would love to try the rectangle strings one of these days.

  3. Really like your string blocks and especially the black and white swap. What you did with the setting is perfect. After seeing yours, now I want to make one of those with my scraps. (Like I need more ideas, right?)

  4. thanks for shopping at SA, i do too and it is an awesome place for finds like yours....and an original fiesta piece? i'd say about $300-500, on the roadshow a few weeks ago a woman showed up with a huge collection and pieces like this are rare....


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