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Sunday, July 28, 2013

DWM: a sale and some sails

I almost made it through the month of July without buying any fabric.  However....on Friday I had a RAILS board meeting in the city of La Salle, Illinois.  (That's Reaching Across Illinois Library System.  I was elected to the board this spring for a term beginning July 1.) La Salle is 140 miles from Winthrop Harbor as the highways go -- that is, to get there I could drive west, then south, then west; or south, then west -- as the crow flies, it would've been shorter.  The meeting was from 10-3.  I had never been to La Salle but rather than poking around after the meeting I drove west about 25 miles to Princeton. 

Last month my Magpie friend Sandy had driven to Princeton from her home in Texas to see family. She learned that the owner of the quilt shop there was retiring. All fabric was $2 per yard through the end of July.  It had been several weeks since Sandy stocked up and I didn't know how much would be left.  It turned out that there was a lot.  I decided to limit myself to no more than the amount I'd get in mileage reimbursement ($156).  I spent $110 with tax -- that's 51 yards.  Since it was 4:45 when I checked out, and they closed at 5:00, I figured that was enough.  I got home at 8 p.m.

It's county fair season. Lake County fair (our county) was this weekend, as was the Racine County Fair .  We opted for Racine.  We arrived in time for lunch.  The livestock exhibits were great (Racine Co. still has more farms than Lake Co.) but the "open class" exhibits were disappointing. There were only a dozen quilts!

Back home, I have lots of quilts, both actual and potential.  Here is the latest flimsy, Sail Away.  The outer border has white pindots.  It's 58 x 70 and used 3 yards of fabric. 

See what other quiltmakers are working on at Patchwork Times.


  1. Sorry to hear of a quilt shop closure. Lucky you, though. The sails look great.

  2. Sad that a shop is closing but terrific pile you obtained! Love your sailboats. Our County Fair is about to start and although not as thick with entries as in years past, the Home Arts building is still pretty full! I entered five items this year :)

  3. So glad you made it to Quilter's Heaven; definitely worth the trip! ... sad that they are closing. There's another quilt shop, Quilter's Garden, on the south end of Main Street; Princeton is my hometown: I'll be back!

  4. Our LQS is also closing at the end of the summer. And what a happy haul you got, and even under budget. Maybe fair organizers need to couple with quilt guilds to get more entries.

  5. i like the sailboat quilt very much....and a fiesta compote for 94cents....get out! good spying that one! me, i got a dessert dish c. 1910 from jolly old england...wonderful place to shop for an excellent cause!


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