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Sunday, July 14, 2013

DWM: a finish, lotto winnings, and next up

This was a busy week as I prepared the AAUW-IL financial reports (and trying not to get too confused by Quicken, which I have not heretofore used). The AAUW-IL summer board meeting was in Bloomington, about 240 miles from here, from mid-Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon.  The board members are a collegial group and the meeting was productive.  I did sleep well Saturday night!

Good Cheer! is finished: quilted, bound, labeled.  Back, binding, and hanging sleeve used 2-3/4 yards.
YIKES! Did anyone look closely at the label? I wrote *July, 2012*.  I have now corrected it to 2013! 

I was one of three winners in the June Block Lotto.  39 tall sailboats will dock in my studio. Here are those I have received so far.  I have a commission for a quilt for a little boy (1 year old this summer). These 6 x 9 blocks will be ideal. 

The July Block Lotto is for novelty-and-bright houses. Here are my contributions. 
Next up:  I pieced the backing and basted Four Patch X, a flimsy from 2011. 
Check out what other quiltmakers are working on at Judy's  Design Wall Monday.
Have a great week!


  1. Oh, Nann! This is wonderful! Good cheer, indeed. I was not felt both calmed and cheerful but I cheered for a fabulous finish. You have been one productive woman in so many ways!

  2. well done! how fun to win blocks that you can then put to use right away.

  3. Love the good cheer finish. Great label.

  4. Wow, for someone who was out of town for a long weekend, you sure did get a lot done. And congrats on the block lotto win. What a great little boy's quilt you will be making.

  5. Love the sailboats!!! Congrats on your finished quilt.

  6. Good cheer is so wondereful!! I love the label (in spite of the type :)

    Those new blocks with the pirate in the door are so fun!!

  7. Your Good Cheer quilt is so much fun! I love that blue background against the blocks!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  8. Love your Good Cheer quilt, the blue background really makes it shine.

  9. Good Cheer, indeed! What a wonderful finish for you, good job! I laughed WITH you about the wrong date, I'm still writing 19__ for the date on some checks, sigh! Every time I seem to be able to figure out the date, then they go and change it on me, LOL!


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