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Monday, June 24, 2013

DWM: Good Cheer!

I caught the sunrise over Lake Michigan at 5:16 a.m. Friday -- the summer solstice.

On Saturday Irene and I went to the Quintessential Quilt at the convention center in Rosemont.  It was Quilts Inc.'s return to Chicago after two years off.  Some of the quilts on exhibit were jaw-droppingly magnificent and others were less so. 

The "ChiCOWgo" exhibit was based on a cow design by Mary Lou Weidman. The Crime Scene reminded me of my sister's dogs.
There didn't seem to be as much traffic as in previous years and I wonder how the vendors fared. I did my part to keep them happy: batiks, black & white FQs, and the wonderful Da Gama shweshwe (some red, some brown, some indigo).

And, finally -- here is my design wall. The blocks fit together very nicely.   I know I want the letters in the border, but I may rework them. The words are out of proportion to one another and the letters in "good" aren't very wonky. I'm considering how to make the other three borders. The flying geese are cut from the quarter-square-triangle blocks that were the "seeds" for this project. 
 My birthday on Sunday began a "prime" year. I hope it will be! My husband gave me an iPad (technically, I bought it and he reimbursed me ). I don't know if I will be adept with it by Thursday when I go to the ALA annual conference.  
See what dozens of other quiltmakers are working on at Judy's Patchwork Times!
Raindrops on roses in the front garden


  1. Gorgeous solstice sunrise!
    Fun project on the design wall!

  2. Love your "Good Cheer" blocks. The colors made me smile. The fabrics you purchased look delicious... ;-]

  3. Thanks for sharing your goodies and the quilts. That blue background on Good Cheer is unexpected to me but looks so very good there. It's a very nice lay out. I hope you keep showing us how it is coming along!

  4. I have a Word Play Quilt on my WHIMMS list. I like the quilts you shared from the Chicago show. And that Sunrise- WOW!

  5. I enjoyed reading back through your posts, the poems and flowers, quilts. Especially liked the Father's Day post.


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