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Monday, April 22, 2013

Now you see 'em, now you don't

Button, button
Here's a lesson for us all.  Not only measure twice and cut once, but try on twice. 
but never the RIGHT button
I was determined to make new jacket this spring.  The process involves a lot of forethought. There's fabric selection.  This time, a nice collection at Joann's for $4.99/yd (good quality, too) came right to the fore.  I really like the lemon-and-gray palette.  Then there's pattern selection.  My body has, er, changed dimensions.  I really, really need to adapt ONE jacket pattern that I can use as a "canvas" for a variety of pieced designs.  
Now you see 'em
I finished the piecing and assembled the jacket.  I looked in my button stash for five matching gray or yellow buttons, 7/8" or larger.  Nothing.  I went back to Joann's and found lovely yellow buttons. They came two on a card, and since I needed five,  I had to buy three cards. At $4 per card. Yikes! With coupons the price dropped somewhat, so I paid just $10 for the three cards. But still.
Pfrieda, my Pfaff 1472, is wonderful sewing machine in nearly all respects -- except for buttonholes. I gritted my teeth and made adequate buttonholes. I attached those expensive buttons. I cut the buttonholes open.
Now you don't
I tried the jacket on. It was oddly tight across the bustline. What? I looked at the pattern -- it was designed for no buttons!  There was no allowance for the button/buttonhole overlap.  I slept on the matter and in the morning had the solution. I cut off the strips with the buttonholes, replaced them (which meant replacing the foundation to which the strips were pieced as well as replacing a strip of the lining). I reattached the binding. I closed the buttonhole in the yoke with a tight zigzag stitch that you wouldn't notice unless you were looking for it.   WHEW!

(There are now six 1-1/8" yellow buttons in my button stash. The jacket used five yards of fabric. I have lots of gray and lemon fabric left over. )

In other quilting news: here is bookshelf quilt #30, made for a library trustee who was elected to the Village board and thus has to resign from the library board.

Check out what other quiltmakers are up to on Design Wall Monday at Judy's Patchwork Times.
 P.S.  More buttons. The vintage Hawaiian buttons are pinned on my bulletin board. 

P.S. 2   First garage sale purchase of the season! These chairs were $3 each. They are in rough shape but they'll be great practice for decorative painting -- and as plant stands on the patio this summer.


  1. great jacket and great story!! I used miss matched buttons on sweatshirt jackets and no one has ever said my buttons don't match. Ann

  2. Desperation is the mother of creative invention. Good job of thinking outside the box.

  3. What a cute jacket. I would never think to use gray/lemon together. I like the pattern you used also. I probably would have been so frustrated and would have kept buttonholes/buttons on jacket and just never buttoned it before I reworked it.

  4. I love jackets, have made a few but really hate making clothing of any kind. Quilts don't have to fit! :-)

  5. Nice save, Nann! The "new" design looks great!

  6. Glad to hear that the jacket worked out after all. And good for you for sticking with it - I probably would have given up in disgust with myself!

  7. I did that once... I sewed a mock placket under the button side, added the buttons to that edge, then added matching buttons to the place I would have originally placed the buttons. And no one said they have to match--or even be the same size. The descriptive word is 'asymmetrical'. Nice job!


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