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Saturday, April 20, 2013


I stopped at the Salvation Army in Zion on Friday to see if there was anything interesting.  I couldn't pass these up.
They are custard-cup or cream-soup sized bowls.  I googled Pine Lake Trout Farm and found only a reference from an eBay-watching site reporting on the sale of a Pine Lake Trout Farm platter, also by Walker China. 

My father's stepmother lived at the Alhambra home at the end of her (very long) life.  I looked it up -- the home is operated by a private company and is called Marguerite Gardens.  The P.E.O. flower is the marguerite, or daisy.  (I can't tell if California P.E.O. outsourced the management, or if they sold the property.)

The Illinois State Chapter also had a retirement home in Knoxville. It needed significant upgrades to conform to code. The ISC sold the property and used the proceeds to start the Illinois P.E.O. Home Fund.  "The purpose of this project is to provide assistance toward housing expenses that will enhance the lives and living conditions of Illinois senior women. Support is given to P.E.O. sisters and to non-P.E.O. ladies upon the recommendation of local P.E.O. chapters. The applicant must be at least 65 years of age and an Illinois resident."

The Colorado State Chapter still owns and operates the Colorado Chapter House.  The website explains, "....Several state P.E.O. Homes were established. They were all state projects. The houses in Mount Pleasant, Iowa; in San Jose, California; in Knoxville, Illinois; in Saint Joseph, Missouri; and in San Antonio, Texas are now closed.  Still open and fully operational are the homes in Beatrice, Nebraska; in Caldwell, Idaho; and in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The home in Alhambra, California is scheduled to undergo substantial modifications."

Alpha Gamma Delta envisioned a retirement home for its members. For many years chapters, clubs, and members contributed to the Billet.  It never opened, however.  Instead, the Billet funds were used to create the Founders Memorial Foundation established at the 1954 Golden Anniversary. 

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  1. What neat treasures, Nann! Is P.E.O. the initials of your sorority group? They certainly are a benevolent association.


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