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Monday, October 22, 2012

DWM: weekend and Bear Paw

I took a red-eye flight from SFO to ORD (Sunday, 10/14, to Monday, 10/15). I'd never done that before and now I know what it's like:  I dozed but did not sleep.  I got home at  7 a.m. and took a 3-hour nap.  I was glad I kept up with work-related email while I was in California or I'd never have gotten through the week.  I stayed home Tuesday evening (and watched the presidential debate), but had meetings Wednesday and Thursday.  A day off Friday provided some catch-up but I had events at the library Saturday morning (Zion-Benton Leadership Academy) and afternoon (antiques appraisal).   
Sunday was a perfect October day.  We raked leaves and pulled the remaining tomatoes out of the garden. (Two little eggplants, too.)   
Back to quilting!  I will post photos from the Pacific International Quilt Festival and the Magpies' meetup once I sort them.  Meanwhile, here's how the scrappy Bear Paw quilt looked at 10 p.m. yesterday.  I combed through  my stash and found a beige print with red flowers that would do for the border. I wasn't wild about it but I'd settle for it.  After I cut crosswise strips I realized that the border had a "drop match" (like wallpaper) and if I didn't line up the strips precisely the effect would be all wrong.  I didn't have enough fabric to do that.  I changed the plan to flying geese made out of the  2.5" HSTs that are my default size for leaders-and-enders, with red strips for stability. If I'd pushed ahead to attach the last of the borders I would have gotten a second wind. I opted to go upstairs and get some sleep.
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  1. I LOVE your scrappy bears paw quilt. It almost looks like a crazy quilt, which is a good thing. That's something I would love to sleep under and then wake up to.

  2. I just can't keep up with you, Nann! You do get lots done with your leaders and enders. That bear paw quilt is super!

  3. Just Beautiful! Love the scrappiness. Perfect for the Bed. Love your border too. Good job!

  4. Now THAT's a design wall! And what a great scrappy quilt - I LOVE it!!!

  5. I'm guessing that the HST's are what became your scrappy flying geese borders? They look so lively and they fit right in with the bear paws. This looks like a monster of a quilt for size; how big are the bear paw blocks? Maybe this is one to send out to be quilted? It certainly is beautiful!

  6. Your Scrappy Bears Paw Quilt is beautiful. Sorry your first border idea didn't work out, hopefully you'll find a second even better fabric this time around.

  7. Wonderful quilt. Great effort what with all you've been doing recently.

  8. Beautiful quilt. All my favorite colors.
    And I LOVE that round wooden container...what is in it???
    XOXOXO Subee


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