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Sunday, October 28, 2012

DWM: two finishes, and other accomplishments

I hate to paint.  It goes back to the time I had my first apartment and I decided to repaint the shower stall.  I thought I had to strip off the old paint before I repainted it -- innocent stupidity -- I made a mess of it. I didn't dare tell my landlady but eventually went next door to the Smiths.  They had updated their old house, and Mr. Smith worked at the lumber yard so he knew about fixing things.  Mercifully he didn't judge my ineptitude. He recommended the kind of paint to buy and I fiinished the job.  35 years later I still hate to paint.  I don't like moving stuff out, I don't like taping, I don't like cutting in, I don't like the inevitable (for me) drips and splats.  But paint I did, and the master bath is freshly "coral" and the newly-installed ceramic-tile shower stall looks great.  (Don't look too closely at the corners. Or the ceiling.)

That was one of the accomplishments this four-day weekend.  Another was raking the back yard in the brisk temps and beautiful sunshine yesterday.

The third was finally compiling essays for the "Perspectives" column for the November/December issue of Public Libraries.  Just two weeks late. (Sigh.) The topic is "life after the front lines," about what librarians do when they're no longer directing or managing library departments.  Of the three contributors, one is consulting, another is an artist, and the third is on assignment in Brazil for the U.S. State Department.  

The fourth accomplishment was quilting and binding two flimsies! 

"Plaid Spinner" dates back to 2007. I made the spinner blocks and swapped them in setting exchange -- that is, I sent these off and in turn I got someone else's blocks to set.  I can't remember who created this clever framed setting, but it certainly made the spinners more interesting.  The finished quilt is approx. 64 x 64 and will be a raffle prize at the community spelling bee November 8.

I pieced the back and used up fabric that's been in my stash for about as long as Plaid Spinner has been a flimsy.

Rick Rack Batik was created just last month. I quilted straight lines in the 9 patches, continuous curves in the squares, and "almost feathers" in the border. 

What's next?  I have another old flimsy basted and ready to quilt!
See what other quiltmakers have accomplished at Judy's Patchwork Times.  

P.S. I did buy fabric....but just 6 yards, and more than 50% off.


  1. I love your dotty theme quilt. I have made a few small quilts with that pattern. I love it but it drives me nuts keeping all those pieces in order until it is done.
    You sure got my vote!

  2. You are doing a good job of getting out older projects and finishing them off. Maybe I can emulate you next year.

  3. Okay I'm still thinking of your first paint project. LOL
    I love to have my painting done. I did it the first time but the new house someone else tackle it.


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