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Sunday, February 12, 2012

DWM: 2012 Birthday Blocks

2012 is the third year that the Block Swappers group is hosting a birthday block exchange.  Each participant specifies the block and colorway she'd like.  This weekend I forged ahead and made all 14 blocks, for everyone except myself.  I'll mail them out at the beginning of each birthday month.  Estimated total fabric used:  2 yards.
Five people said "any star," and I chose Corner Star from one of Judy Hopkins' block books for all five.  (Top row: #1, #3, #4; middle row, #1; bottom row #1.)  I think I may use that block for the graduation quilt (see last week's post).

I added to my stash this week with some Salvation Army bargains:  4-1/2 yards of Christmas fabric, cut into two pieces and seamed to make an 84 x 80" tablecloth but apparently never used, and 6 yards of lavender poly/rayon blend which will make a springtime suit.  Total cost, with tax:  $4.99!

Don't forget to take a look at what other quiltmakers are working on at Patchwork Times  Design Wall Monday.


  1. Well how smart!!! I know it will feel good to have those blocks all done with they come due and not worry about getting them out on time!

    Gotta love thrift stores! I shop mostly at Goodwill because we have great GW stores here in middle Tennessee and they have sales each week, so I can often find wonderful items for next to nothing. Of course, the best thing is that it leaves more $$$ for fabric!

  2. Wow what lovely blocks you made this week, quite a nice variety. The corner stone ones really shine in the mix. I also really like block 2 in the first row. They are all quite lovely.

  3. Good morning, Nan -- way to get the jump on those birthday blocks -- that will make sending them out each much all the funner! Nice thrift shop finds!! At prices like that, adding to the stash is definitely not a bad thing!! (Oh, I wanted to make sure that I tell you how much I really like the look of your blog, too!) :)

  4. Just lovely birthday blocks, the stars are great. I also like the chain link one. Wish we had such wonderful thrift stores around here, bargains are greatly appreciated arounds.

  5. You've been productive. I like the idea of doing things in advance...but I am a world class procrastinator! I think I'll try to plan and do ahead a bit more! You will be my inspiration. LOL

  6. Well done. that was a really good idea.
    your blocks are lovely.

  7. Beautiful blocks! Love that pattern. :o)


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