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Sunday, November 27, 2011

First and second quilts

Bonnie invited photos of first quilt projects.  Here are scans of mine, with the commentary from my quilt journal. (Said journal has been sadly neglected abandoned since I began recording my work with digital camera and, eventually, my blog. 

I cross-stitched the first quilt the year I was in graduate school.  It is still the largest item I have hand-quilted. (I used the quilt for many years and of course I still use the degree.)

I don't know if any of my cousins still has the second quilt. Their mother passed away a couple of years ago so the household contents have been dispersed.  This is a design mish-mash:  30's prints (genuine!) and blue solid, with a solid blue bedsheet backing. I used pastel DMC floss to feather-stitch around all the blocks. This was hand-quilted, too.  I used a pencil to mark a cross-hatched grid and hearts in the solid blocks.

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  1. Hand quilted! That's very impressive in a first quilt.


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