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Saturday, August 20, 2011

How collections grow

It started with Sir Francis Drake.  My mother probably purchased this Toby jug when she worked at Marshall Field's before I was born.  I'm sure it was expensive at the time.  Years later she added Sairey Gamp and Auld Mac. Were they new purchases on a trip to England or an estate sale find?  I don't know, but I inherited all three.

Mrs. Loan, the librarian, was one of the "Doultonville" characters introduced in 1983.  Mother gave her to me one Christmas. 
I got The Poacher (also Doulton) and this 18th century gentleman (Kelsbro character name) in 2006 at an antiques mall's closing sale.  (Asking price for the Poacher was $95 and for the gent was $39.  I paid less!)   The gent's hatbrim is shaped in such a way that he's probably a cream jug. 

I went to an estate sale in nearby Beach Park on Thursday afternoon.  I had $62 in my wallet....and I spent it all!  Two hankies (.50 each) and these three Tobys:  Mr. Pecksniff (by Beswick), Mr. Micawber (Lancaster & Sandland), and another Sairey Gamp. 
It's interesting to compare the two Saireys.   Mother's, on the left, looks to be the newer.

With eBay and other online sales it is easy to acquire a collection.  It's more fun to rely on serendipity!


  1. I remember my Mom had three of these mugs, at least one was a Dickens character. I bought one for myself, King Pellinore from the Sword in the Stone, I called it; but I think it was labelled Don Quixote. Don't know where they are now...not with me.

    Thanks for the memory!

  2. Nann, these are beautiful--they each have such character! They would make you smile everytime you looked at them on display. Thanks for sharing. And it is DEFINITELY more fun to get them serendiptiously, I agree.

  3. I came to comment on your scrappy flowery hearts and found something I identify with even more. Isn't the blogging world amazing!


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