Saturday, July 23, 2011

Red Rails

This is the second "Red Rails" quilt I've made. It's a quick way to use up a lot of scraps. The units are made of 1.5 x 3.5 bricks.  This measures 60 x 72.  It will be donated, but I don't yet know to whom or when.

I busted 8-1/2 yards of stash!
I pieced leftover blocks into the back.


Quilt Inspiration said...

Love it ! The red strips really tie everything together and give it a very modern look. What a cheerful quilt !

Helen in the UK said...

I agree, the consistancy of the red centre stripe really makes the difference. And as I'm a lover of red and scraps this has GOT to be on my 'to make' list. Thanks for the inspiration - FABULOUS :)

Vic in NH said...

Nann, you come up with the best ideas for using up the stuff in my stash! Here's another winner from you. Thank you for sharing the specifics so we can easily join you!

Michelle said...

That is just beautiful -- I love it!