Sunday, April 17, 2011

Baskets (Birthday) and Jacket (Easter)

Border, setting, and sashing close up
After I put the basket blocks on the design wall for last week's photo I figured I ought to do something with them.  I had chosen the fabric for the sashing and the setting triangles.   I changed my mind about the setting fabric when half the sashes were sewn on. I found a blue-green check that would work much better.  I hadn't considered the dark red floral,  but there it was on the shelf, and there was more than enough for the border.  The flimsy is 80 x 64.
There were two basket blocks from the swap that didn't work with the design I had in mind. I will incorporate them on the back of the quilt.

 Easter means many things to me -- including a new, springtime outfit!  Here is this year's version: a jacket and coordinating skirt.  I used the jacket from the Park Bench "Central Park" pattern (which I've had for years but hadn't ever made). 

The jacket has three layers, with plain muslin as the interlining.  I didn't have enough of the Asian key design to line the sleeves so I used a very contrast-y stripe.  The closeup photo shows the meander quilting that holds the layers together. 

I had all the fabric for the jacket on hand, but had to buy 1-1/4 yards of solid green (linen/rayon/poly blend) for the skirt.

meander quilting holds the layers together

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3 kats and a kwiltr said...

Love the quilt top...baskets are one of my favorite types of blocks but really love the jacket. I wish I could buckle down and finish stuff like you do, Nann.