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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Final piecing for 2010, and the Annual Reckoning

I opened the orphan blocks box last evening (that is, Thursday evening--by the time this post gets published it will be after midnight) and  found 48 nine-patch blocks made from 2" squares of bright prints.  I put them on the design wall and pondered how to set them. Eureka!  The funky "save the planet" fabric was a thrift-shop purchase a couple of years ago.  I had just enough for the setting squares and the border.  A nice way to end the quilting year! 

(Well, truth to tell, I'm working hard on Step 7 in Roll Roll Cotton Boll, the mystery quilt, but I'm not finished yet.)
And, now:  the Annual Reckoning.

Every year since 1998 I've tracked how many yards of fabric I have used and acquired. Since 2004 I've tracked how much I've spent on fabric.  My rules are my own: "used" means sewn into something or given away or sold.  "Acquired" usually but not always includes gifts as well as purchases.  I don't keep track of what I spend on notions, patterns, subscriptions, or books.

In 2010 I used 481 yards and acquired 743 yards--a ratio of 65%.  I spent $1511, or $2.03/yd.  That's more than last year.   The 13-year average is 275 used; 629 bought; $1948 spent. 

Highlights: I spent $140 at an estate sale and got 372 yards.  I bought about $5 worth of tickets at the NLCQG raffle and got 60+ yards.   I sold 121 yards and many patterns and books through ads in "Quilter's Flea Market" and "Fling-It-All."

**I finished 21 quilts..  Of them: 3 were professionally quilted, 2 were commissioned, and
1 was sold.  I donated quilts to several community fundraisers.
**I created 4 flimsies (unquilted tops) -- just 4? That was a pleasant surprise!
**I made 9 draft stoppers, 67 Christmas ornaments, 73 Care Bags, 2 jackets, 1 skirt, and 2 pairs of pants.

It was a productive year!  And I hope that 2011 will be as well. 


  1. Very striking and lively quilt, good job on making not exciting blocks into an exciting quilt.


  2. Great use of the 9-patches and the background fabric. 25 quilts (21 finished and 4 flimsies) is more than I've done in a decade, I think (certainly more finished quilts than me). I admire your productivity (but won't change myself enough to match it).

    Your link to the care bags contains an extra character that invalidates the link (the 'close-parenthesis').

  3. I have never worked out what I have spend on quilting fabric (and extras) Maybe I should, as I haven't bought any this year yet and could do. Maybe it's lucky there were sales of quilting fabric before Christmas! I not sure if I'd like to know. There are ads on tv here at the moment encouraging smokers to give up by adding up the cost per week, per month, per year. I don't smoke but I don't want to find I spend just as much as they do!

  4. I love your 4-patch quilt! Do you have a goal that you are trying to reach each year? Or do you just keep track because it is fun to do?

  5. The black fabric is just perfect, and the top is so appropriate for New Years Eve/Day.
    For 2010, I intended to keep track of fabric in & out/used as a way to motivate me to buy less. Well, I quickly stopped keeping track but vow to start this year! I don't even think I want to know how much money I spend!

  6. Great quilt Nann. And, yes I would like to see your spreadsheet. I am no where near your league in terms of getting things done. I only count quilting cotton. But I'm happy I used about 5 yards more than I acquired.

  7. It was productive and your average price for the fabric you purchased was great...of course now you have to use it :)


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