Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Railroad Ties": the guild challenge quilt

Last evening the NLCQG biennial challenge quilts were revealed.  The theme was "Name That Tune." The only limit was that the perimeter measurement had to be 144" or less.  Of the 35 entries, only one tune name was duplicated.  The art quilt winners were "North to Alaska," "Beyond the Sea," and "Harbor Lights." The traditional quilt winners were "American Pie," "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and "Stardust." The best in show was "Every Rose Has Its Thorns."  (Photos will be on the NLCQG site.)

My song was "I've Been Working on the Railroad."  My quilt didn't get many votes, but it was very special for me.  I made it using my dad's neckties. He was a railroader and had many railroad-themed ties.  The railroad logo heralds were premiums in Nabisco Shredded Wheat Post Sugar Crisp in the 1950's.   There were 26 heralds, of which one was a duplicate, and there were 25 block intersections in this quilt: perfect!

The blocks are 6" finished. The quilt is 36" x 36", or 144" square.

The label, which I will have to rewrite ((1) syntactical error and (2) correct information  about the origin of the emblems).
Block detail.
The backing fabric.
And Dad would have been 92 on May 5!


  1. I love the name! What a perfect way to use your father's ties for the challenge.

  2. How very special! And "premiums"....that sounds a bit like refunding, eh?!?

  3. I love the story and the quilt.

  4. Nann, Your quilt and story are truly inspirational. You certainly have insprired me to try to make a quilt in honor of my late father.

    The name you chose is perfect!!!


  5. Wonderful quilt and wonderful story behind it!

  6. Wonderful quilt. Are they metal? My DH said they would be quite collectible! Wonderful story.

  7. What a wonderful memory of your Dad.

  8. What a wonderful project to complete - what great memories for you too.

  9. What a great challenge quilt. Good job.

  10. How heart-touching! You did a wonderful job designing and making the quilt--what precious memories!

  11. What a heartfelt tribute to you dad. He surely would've loved it, and it must've felt good to create it.
    My dad has been gone for 33 years and I still miss him!


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