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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baseball Swap

For nearly ten years I've been in an online group whose participants swap 6.5" fabric squares based on the results of Major League Baseball games.   For each game that the team you back wins, you get one square from the backers of the losing team, and vice versa.  You can chose one team from the AL and one from the NL, or one from each league.  For me, that's the Red Sox and the Cubs.  All the who-owes-what-to-whom is tracked by a group member. She sends us the tallies at the All-Star Break and at the end of the season.  (With the teams I back, that means that I usually get a few more than I give in the first half, but fade in the second half. :)) We send the squares, counted out and packaged in ziploc bags, to another group member who swaps everything out.

I have a acquired a great assortment of fabric squares that way which I use from time to time.  In addition to 'regular' quilt fabric, there are a lot of baseball-themed squares. 

When the Zion Area Chamber of Commerce announced that this year's annual banquet theme would be Root, Root, Root for the Home Team in honor of our new baseball team, the Lake County Fielders (, I turned to the BBS box.  This jacket is the result.

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