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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jane Addams Day

AAUW-IL celebrated Jane Addams Day today. The event was held at Bowen Park in Waukegan. That's the site of the Bowen Country Club which was established by Jane Addams and Louise DeKoven Bowen as a summer camp for Hull-House children.

"Every summer from 1912 until 1963, children from the steamy and congested streets of Chicago's Near West Side ran and played amidst the wildflowers and trees at the Joseph T. Bowen Country Club. Located on 72 acres of forest, field, and ravine near Waukegan, Illinois, the Bowen Country Club was the summer camp of the world famous Hull-House social settlement house. Financed by philanthropist and social activist Louise deKoven Bowen, the camp sought to provide a sojourn in the country as a necessary antidote to the stresses of city life. Prominent Chicagoans donated funds to build sleeping cottages and children and mothers were invited to the camp for two-week rotations. Days were packed with activities such as swimming in the camp's circular pool, team and individual sports contests, classes in folk or rhythmic dance, games, parties, and art lessons. After a hearty meal in the Commons dining room, a campfire and sing-a-long often ended the day." From:

There is more historical information at

100 people came to the JAD event. AAUW-IL was instrumental in having JAD declared a state observance. It's December 10 every year.

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  1. THe Northbrook Historical Society and the Friends of Northbrook Public Library celebrated with a great program on Jane Addams. Annette Baldwin presented "A Conversation with Jane Addams."


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