Sunday, December 6, 2009

Estate Sale, part 2

After the JAD luncheon (see previous post) several of us went back to the Callahan estate sale. Today was positively the last day, and everything was 75% off. There was still a LOT of stuff.
Here's my haul. $51.25 total! The floral fabric on the bed turned out to be 11 yards, 'designed by Barbara Cartland,' copyright 1980. ($15.00) There is another chunk of upholstery fabric (1970's "Early American" style), a piece of uncut bandanna/scarf fabric (red heart print), and a Japanese yukata.
ERA buttons! (I did not purchase the one that said, "Another Republican for ERA.") Illinois is one of the states that has not yet passed the amendent, even though the Illinois state constitution has an equal rights provision.
Three pillows made out of vintage quilt blocks.
"Stars and bars"--20 brass star-shaped napkin rings and a whole sack of daisy-shaped guest soaps. What every P.E.O. hostess needs!
A silver-plated pitcher (engraved with "First place GPA 1968"), a serving spoon that I thought was silver (after polishing it, I found out that it is silver-over-brass: Indian, most likely) and a lustre-ware pitcher.
And, for the next white elephant exchange: this exquisite beaded basket made from the finest plastic beads--and safety pins!

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  1. Eleven yards of fabric? Wait, whatever happened to your pledge banning fabric purchases?!?!?


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