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Friday, October 2, 2009

New jacket!

Our Exploritas/Elderhostel trips don't require dressy clothing--generally denim-shirt/tee/khakis. However, I like to bring along something that, though casual, is a little snappier in case we go to church or have a restaurant dinner.

In anticipation of our upcoming trip to Utah ("Stairway to the Past: Utah's Grand Circle of Parks and Monuments"), and because it's fall and I wanted something new to wear, and because my box of dotted fabrics is still overflowing, I created this.


  1. Hi - I really like your jacket, but would have loved to see a picture of your quilt.

    Gayle in AZ

  2. Gayle, the dots quilt is posted in both my Webshots album and on Facebook. I'd e-mail you the links but you don't have an e-mail connection from your Blogspot page.

  3. Your jacket looks great Nann.
    I have just finished doing the binding on my Ribbons Quilt. Its only 36x48 but a perfaect size for a baby quilt

  4. Hey Nann, I love your jacket. I live in Utah. We're right on the way to Antelope Island State Park. Lived close to Arches National Monument for several years. If you're anywhere close, to SLC during your time in UT and you are able to manage your schedule--I'd love to meet you.

  5. I love all the bright colors - and even recognize some fabrics from my stash.

  6. I love how it turned out! Totally amazing! I need to figure out what size I could make one!


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