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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hearts and Flowers Hug Quilt

"Hearts and Flowers" was made by the Magpies for Marian, one of our group whose mother passed away earlier this year. I coordinated the project, set the blocks, and quilted the top. The quilt has now been presented to her. Now I can post the photo without risking spoiling the surprise! Marian said that yellow was her mother's favorite color and that she loved flower gardens, so the choice of pattern was perfect.

The block is at (click on the "free blocks" link). It's what I call a potato chip block -- you can't make just one! I'm going to suggest the block for one of the online swap groups.


  1. Lovely quilt, Nann, and thanks again for coordinating the project!
    Janet (:>

  2. This is an adorable quilt. So sweet and colorful.

  3. The quilt is very beautiful and a great idea to use up scraps. Thanks for sharing.


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