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Monday, November 3, 2008

Bow Ties

The Block Swappers' recent exchange was for small and large Bow Tie blocks. I put them up on the design wall just to be able to see them all. Mind you, I have other projects. Some have deadlines. Some are UFOs. Some are UFOs with deadlines. These Bow Tie blocks were not either--yet last night I created this top!

I realized after I took the photo that the ties in the top row go a different direction. I plan to call that a design element rather than an error. It's 66 x 84 and I'm not sure whether I'll add a border, or not.


  1. Very pretty, Nann. Lots of color & movement.

  2. How interesting to look at! I've not seen the the little ones before. I understand about not necessarily working only on projects that "need" to be done. I seem to feel like I need to start a new one every time I finish one, even though I have 20+ others waiting for my attention!

  3. The bow ties look great - I have a things I should be working on too but I'm having a hard time getting motivated in my sewing room - quilting I'm good with but I might just let myself start something quick just to get back to piecing.

  4. What a cheerful quilt top.

    I love the large and small blocks together.



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