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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bonnie @ NLCQG!

Bonnie was the guest speaker at last evening's NLCQG meeting! It was *such* a treat to get to meet her in person after these years of virtual acquaintance. Her quilts are great to see online, but even better to see up close.

Photos: Bonnie with "Virginia Bound," from her recently-published book "Scraps and Shirttails; Bonnie with the Third Monday Bee: Joan, Julie, Dawn (, and me; our guild raffle quilt using Bonnie's Cathedral Stars pattern (project coordinated by Julie, who created the beautiful border).


  1. Oh you lucky thing ... getting to meet Bonnie and see her quilts up close. Green with envy here :)

  2. Oh that raffle quilt looks awesome when I see it standing back!

  3. I so wanted to met Bonnie but it just didn't work out...Glad you had the chance to see her quilts in person.
    Am interested in what she thought of the raffle quilt. I will want raffle tickets.

  4. She really liked the raffle quilt. Julie's border is perfect for the design, too. Don't worry, we'll be sure you have the opportunity to buy a ticket or two!


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