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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Style from the Stacks

ZBPL design team: Henny, who crocheted; Rosemary, who chauffeured; Sarah, who modeled; Jean, who designed and stitched; and me, who networked.
"Style from the Stacks" premiered at the Illinois Library Association annual conference last week. The 40+ entries were made from library "stuff." Sara was our library's model. Her silvery shantung dress is embellished with videotape and ribbon (to simulate a barcode), with fussy-cut library cards (with the library's initials) that are themselves embellished with rhinestones. Her earrings are also rhinestone-adorned library cards. Her purse and the rosettes on her shoes and headband are crocheted from videotape. An award-winning local manicurist created press-on nails featuring audiotape and cut-out words, and another local styliest donated the hairdo. (Thank you, Chelli and Krissy!)

Other entries included a necktie embellished with coins from that library's fountain; a cocktail dress made from microfilm (with microfilm-trimmed shoes); two versions of Book Jackets; a vest made from CDs (like chain mail!); a scarf knit from newspaper bags; and a wedding dress made from romance novels.
Sheree took great photos. Here's the link to her Flickr stream:

It was a great evening and there is already talk of "next year"!

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