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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Recent stitching

Poinsettia Baskets. Pattern from AmP&Q. Approx. 24 x 32.
This will likely be my contribution at our AAUW holiday party in December.

Birds in the Air. A wedding gift for Cherie and Justin (he's the son of my college friends Alex and Randy). Cherie wanted black and white. Justin is a Navy pilot, hence the block pattern. This was quilted by Wendy Maston.

(It really is black and white, despite the greenish cast in the photo.)

Maple Leaves. Blocks from an exchange last year. The setting is from a back issue of Fons &Porter. The square-in-a-square border adds interest.


  1. Great quilts. Just wonderful.

  2. I love the pointsetta basket, forgot to tell you that mon night!

  3. Oh, I love the maple leaves one. I have one "in progress" that I am making from the same magazine. Yours makes me want to pick it up and finish it. I have enough leaves made to make at least two quilts!!

  4. Love that black and white birds in the air!

  5. Just checking out the HeartStrings blogring for the first time!!
    Great quilting progress. Particularly like the birds and maple leaf ones :)


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