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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ALA Annual Conference with Disney and Quilts

(1) Log Cabin Stars; (2) in hot water again (51 years later); (3) Sterling Touch (Jill P. and me); (4) Carol N. and me at M&L Fabrics with the huge conference tote bag; (5) M&L; (6) Jewel Box in batiks
I don't intend to be a twice-a-month blogger, but it seems to work out that way. I took the laptop with me to the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim. I had internet access for one day, then managed to screw up the settings and there went connectivity. (Yesterday, thanks to my patient coworker Tara, the settings were restored so here I am.)
The conference itself has been blogged and photographed and reported on, such as here:
Since 1984 I've missed only one Annual Conference (and two Midwinter Meetings). Committee work has kept me busy (especially when I was on the Executive Board) but this time I was able to go to several programs, each of which was very good. It is always nice to reconnect with colleagues and friends--virtual conversations are fine, but in-person is often better.
Disney, you say? The Saturday Scholarship Bash tickets were "twilight passes" to Disneyland. It wasn't exclusive; ALA attendees shared the park with the thousands of other people, but it was no problem. The only previous time I'd been to Disneyland was *1957*. My sister and I both remembered the Mad Hatter's Tea Party ride in Fantasyland -- so I had to go on that one again!
Quilts? But of course! The ALA BiblioQuilters had three quilts in the scholarship silent auction. Several of us took time to go shopping at M&L Fabrics. WOW!! Name brands (Kaufman, Hoffman, Moda, etc.). First run $7.98 and $8.98/yd. Slightly older fabrics $2.98 and $3.98/yd. My mind went blank when I walked in the store: what projects did I want to buy fabric for? How much could I fit in my suitcase? In the end I spent $56 for 14-3/4 yds. Not bad!


  1. Ahh... you discovered M&L. That's a dangerous place for much fabric wants to follow me home. :c) Love that shop!

    Wow..51 years since your last visit to DL. Did you have time to catch an Angels game?

  2. Nann, we also went to Disneyland - I'd only been once before - in 1970 so you have me beat there! Didn't do the teacups, but did do several other rides. Im' in the process of posting our pix on my Flickr page -- I'll let you know when they're all up. I'm afraid I was not as frugal as you at M&L - as you saw at the Convention Center. We had to repack at the airport after being told my bag was 4 lbs overweight, and that we'd have to pay $80 or re-pack. We ended up carrying our sweatshirts and I wore my sneaks instead of packing them - and carried on most of my fabric since I didn't get around to shipping it to myself like I planned.

    I'm glad we got to meet, even though it was just for a few minutes. Hope to hear soon about plans for next year's ALABiblioquilters projects.


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