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Sunday, April 20, 2008

A couple of other photos....

Our Falmouth hostess took me to Truro on the train to go fabric shopping. This was the outlet store for Truro Fabrics.
L3 & L5 per meter here!

I purchased fabric for "Devon Cream Crush," my version of the Quiltville mystery project.

The Falmouth Library. Built in 1894 with the library on the ground floor and the municipal offices above. The library is still there; upstairs is the municipal art gallery.

Rotary International "Shelter Boxes" provide tents and cooking equipment all in a box, for people displaced by natural disaster.
They are assembled and distribted from a town in Cornwall. This photo is of a display in a shop window in Falmouth.

Exmouth Library (a former school)


  1. That orange fabric looks cool! Aren't all their buildings over there sooo cool looking! What a difference between our "old" and their "old"!

  2. Cool library buildings!

    Did you know you could probably get a "pound" sign by holding the Alt key and pressing 0163 -- £ ?



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