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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another finish

This is "Bright Chevrons."
A couple of months ago I cut a large quantity of 2" x 9" strips from my stash of bright fabrics. I sewed five strips together and trimmed them to 8" square. I cut the square diagonally and then pieced the resulting triangles.
I quilted it this weekend with simple in-the-ditch outlining the squares. It measures 64 x 82. It will be one of the items in the silent auction at our Rotary Golf Outing on May 16.
[P.S. The quilt brought $150. The successful bidder has purchased a half-dozen of my quilts at previous Golf Outings. I've asked her if she'd like to specify a colorway or pattern, to which she replies that she'll take potluck.]


  1. Great Quilt!! Love the bright red color. I need to try this one. Would be a great couch quilt.

  2. Wow that looks cool! Amazing how such simple sewing turns out so cool!

  3. You have a fantastic eye for color and value!! Just beautiful.

  4. I love it especially the red (love red). I hope it brings in lots of money.

    Do I understand there's no muslin as foundation?

  5. fabulous quilt! I love bright colors and what a wonderful design that emerged. a great inspiration Nann

  6. I may have to try this, Nann. Looks great and fairly easy!

  7. I think that's my favorite quilt of all yours. Love the colors!


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