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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Crossroads with borders and Bargello

When it came time to put the borders on Carolina Crossroads I found that I had only one purple fabric that looked right and I didn't have enough of it. I did not have the creative energy to come up with something clever so I bought another "perfect" purple. Glad to have this one to the "flimsy" (unquilted top) stage!

I had to join the gang for Bonnie's Superbowl Bargello project. The 2.5 strips from the BlockSwappers' exchange came in handy. I pieced most of it last night and put the borders on after church and before lunch.

In preparation for our Elderhostel trip next week I bought a new digital camera. It replaces the Kodak EasyShare that dates back to 2002 ( all of 2 megapixels and no zoom). The new one is a Sony, same model as the ones we use at the library. I used it to take these pictures. (My challenge now is retrieving them. My desktop computer is too old for the software so I'm using the new laptop, which I'm still getting used to.)


  1. Oh I love them! The purple border is perfect. I"m glad you bought it and didn't go for another color - the purple is perfect.

  2. Nann, I'll say again - your Carolina Crossroads quilt is beautiful - love the color combination - and the border was a terrific selection!

    Congratulations on getting your BargelloBowl to the flimsy stage. I just saw that word used in connection with quilts for the first time earlier today. I finished my flimsy about 3 am Monday morning. I've posted pictures of it on my blog and also one in the bargello folder on QuiltvilleChat website.

    Now to the ALA quilt blocks.

  3. They both look great. You've been busy. I've been wanting to make one of the Bargello quilts - how long did this one take you to piece?

  4. Those quilts both look good. I'm thinking about trying the Bargello cos the idea of using up lots of random fabric really appeals just now.

  5. You certainly have been busy - three quilts in one day. Congratulations! they are all beautiful.

  6. just love the Carolina Crossroads! great color choices... wish I had participated!


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