Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Midweek: a new flimsy + reading

 A few weeks ago another torn-from-a-magazine pattern came to the top of the stack.  It had been a while since I made a mostly black and white quilt.  Cutting the strips was the easy part. I didn't have enough of any one black/white and white/black print for the borders and made a point of buying those at the Wisconsin quilt show.    

The sewing wasn't difficult but I had to cut more strips and more strips.  I arranged and rearranged to get the print density balanced.  (And now that I look at it, more balancing might be in order but I'm not going to.) 

Blocks are 12" finished. Flimsy is 72 x 84 and used 7 yards by weight. 

Pattern is "Geese and Goslings" by Bev Getschel, published in McCall's Quilting. 

# # # # #

Humans have feared, venerated, and exploited bears for millennia. Because they can walk on their hind legs they have a resemblance to humans which adds to the mythology.  Bears were eradicated from western Europe centuries ago.  

Science writer Gloria Dickie travels to the habitats of the eight ursine species around the world and learned about the ways that climate change and human encroachment  are affecting them.  The elusive spectacled bear of the cloud forests of the Andes is the model for Paddington.  The sun and moon bears of southeast Asia are cruelly "farmed" for the healing properties of their bile.  (She saw horrible practices.)   The  sloth bears of India are vicious and readily attack humans.  Of course we all know pandas, China's diplomatic pawns.  North American black bears are the most successful in their adaptation to humans.   Grizzlies are actually North American brown bears. Climate change is changing their range to farther north and east.  Polar bears, as we are well aware, are threatened by the loss of sea ice in the Arctic.   (Interesting fact:  polar bears evolved from grizzly bears and as their territories overlap they can, and do, interbreed.)  

Dickie's account is well-written and very informative.

# # # # #

Purple false foxglove, Monday afternoon.

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  1. OH what fun pops of color in your quilt! I love that! Interesting about bear bile...horrid, though!

  2. I love the pops of color in you new quilt. Black bears have moved down to the plateau in recent years but we haven't seen one ... yet ...

  3. That quilt is wonderful. Love the side treatment with the pops of bright color. I too have spent way too much time moving blocks around to balance color or prevent similar or same colors from abutting. Although the book about bears sounds interesting, I don’t think I’ll put it on my too be read list. I can’t keep up with my own list although I have often added books you’ve mentioned to it. For some reason I’m not reading as much as I usually do.

  4. What a great idea to tear out the quilts you want to make so you can reduce the space magazines take up. Love this little quilt top! Those pops of color make it very interesting and pretty. Thanks for sharing on my weekly show and tell, Wednesday Wait Loss.


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