Sunday, March 19, 2023

Weekly update: a concert + eight blocks

 We aren't Irish but we enjoyed corned beef and cabbage this weekend along with a loaf of soda bread.   

I used this recipe.  Next time I will shape the dough into two or three loaves.  

This afternoon (Sunday) we enjoyed Irish-American roots music by the duo Swtichback who returned to the College of Lake County.  (We had tickets to their March, 2020, performance but it was cancelled in the great shutdown.)    It was great to drive home in the sunlight!

# # # # #

In the studio:   among the guild charity kit fabric were 16 5" squares of a chocolate-brown print with inspirational sayings.   I challenged myself to use them all for a wheelchair quilt.  

The Millennium Star block in the Nickel Quilts book was just right, but 16 charm squares made 8 blocks.   How to set them?   I thought, "What would Cathy and Cathy do?" and here's how it turned out.  [And the turquoise in the checkerboard blocks was from the charity kit, too.]

The border fabric was an unexpected discovery in my stash.

I promptly sewed and trimmed all the cutoff corners to make 1-1/2" triangles.

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P.S. Our concert selfie.

P.S. 2   Crocuses are in bloom here in northeasternmost Illinois.


  1. yep corned beef etc for me as does seem strange to have daylight longer...pretty blocks....nice selfie....have a great week!

  2. you rocked your challenge - great job

  3. Your latest wheelchair quilt is an awesome use of those squares. Great job! The concert you attended would have been fun. I had originally planned to go to the Show Choir Classic here on Saturday to watch some award winning HS show choirs perform. Then I decided it maybe wasn't smart to be sitting in a big crowded place when I'm just getting over being sick.

  4. You two look so cute in your concert selfie! I love it! I love how you set your eight Millennium Star blocks, too. Great solution for an odd number of blocks like that.

  5. So great when we can use something straight from the stash. I like how you thought to add the checkerboards to fill out the setting. Thank you for sharing your crocus, we won't be having blooms for quite a while here in MN.

  6. I've never thought of putting fruit in soda bread, I make it every couple of weeks to eat with soup.

  7. Very sweet Millennium Star quilt! Setting odd numbers of blocks is always a challenge for me, you made a perfect setting for your 8 blocks. Your soda bread recipe looks glammed up from most of the recipes I've seen. Sourdough biscuits or dill bread are my go-to's for accompanying soups or stews.

  8. You are ever an inspiration from your concerts and nature walks to your Irish baking and quilting. Love how you ended up setting your Nickel quilt blocks. Up in Waukesha, WI, we do NOT have any crocuses yet, but hopefully SOON!

  9. Crocus in bloom here too when there is no snow on them. Millennium Star...WWCD?? Not sure but you ended up with a nice quilt I see. Yummm...soda bread. We usually have homemade sourdough of some type or other around here. Haven't made soda bread in ages but I might just have to look up my recipe I use that my all Irish Dad gave me.


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