Friday, November 19, 2021

Friday check in: field trip!

Yesterday we headed north to see the Victoria Findlay Wolfe retrospective exhibit at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts .   

Wow!  My husband was impressed, too.  

Her grandfather and grandmother.

Her grandmother made the quilt on the lower right with polyester pieces appliqued onto a red and white sheet.  She had severe arthritis and sewing was difficult.  

A series called Red Dot. 

Left:  Is That You? 2020.  Top center: Everything But the Kitchen Sink, 2000-2009. Top right: You Are Here.  Center: Star Storm Explosion, 2021. Center right: Ignition, 2021.  Lower center: Color Study H1, 2017.  Lower right: Garden Delights, 2021.

Left:  her first quilt, 1983.  She says, "A poster arrived of the Quilts of Lancaster with our Reader's Digest subscription and I was intrigued!" 

Right:  Stitched Together, 2018.


Top left: Texture, Travel, and Happiness, 2018.  Top center: Red Crosses, 2009-2017. Top right: Star Splitter, 2010.   Center: Night Light, 2019-2020.  Center right: The Space Between Heartbeats, 2020. Lower left: Enough, 2016.  Lower center: Color Play, 2015. Lower right: Cascade, 2016.

"Garden Delights."  2021  Her grandparents are depicted. She says the blocks and the photos were going to be separate quilts but "I woke up one morning, thinking about these, and my first thought was they need to be one quilt!" 


The River, 2021.  (A tribute to the Mississippi.)  This was my husband's favorite.

I Am Not Perfect and That is OK, 2009-2018. 

A Year of Moments, 2018. 

We left shortly after 10 a.m. and were home by 2 p.m..


  1. wow...thanks for taking me along....looks awesome....i always wanted the guild to bring her in for a workshop but she only does 3-day workshops and then pandemic hit...and the photo of you two? grant wood 21st century...LOL!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your photos of this beautiful exhibit, wish I could see her quilts in person someday. Her love for her grandmother is so evident in her books and her work, and that in my eyes is what makes her creations so special.

  3. Thanks for the photo tour. My husband and I saw it in person, too, a few weeks ago. So many stunning quilts! I downloaded my many photos but never got around to doing a post. I'm glad you did! The River was one of my favorites, too.

  4. Wow! What a display of quilts - she is so talented - but to see all her work together - that was a great trip!!

  5. I had not noticed initially but I went looking and found it :-) It was like a treasure hunt.
    VFW is amazing. Her work is spectacular. I met her briefly at the 2019 Quiltcon. We were staring at the "The Space Between Heartbeats" because it has so many partial seams and we were trying to figure out the construction. Did she really? She sneaked up behind us and said yes, she did. Then she said that she moved her machine closer to the design wall since there was so much to move. I am glad (and a tad jealous) that you got to see the display.

  6. Thanks for sharing the experience with us!! What an amazing exhibition! I'm going to suggest my readers visit your blog as well! Thank you so much!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing. I like Victoria's work better after "seeing" this show.


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