Saturday, July 31, 2021

Month's end: some disassembly required on the OMG, and the stash report

 It's the last day to report progress on the One Monthly Goal for July.   My stated goal was to get started on the wedding quilt.  In a way I have achieved that because I did get started, but now I'm determined to get the top completed.  I might be there had I not made design changes along the way.

I made half the units for 40 border blocks using all-the-same fabrics.   Before I added the large triangles I got to thinking.  

Design change:  since the blocks themselves are scrappy (each of the four birds-in-the-air blocks has a different blue (green) and light gray combo) then I should use different light grays.  

Okay, I'll need 40 blocks for the border.  I can use four of those I've made.  That means 36 (four each from nine light grays) to make.  

What about the sashing?  I started with a variety of light grays with a distinctive blue/green cornerstone. (The blue/green works because the big blue blocks have green cornerstones and the big green blocks have blue cornderstones.)

Design change:  since the big blocks have the same four light gray sashes then having a a variety of light grays for the big sashes doesn't work.   Now I have cut all-the-same big sashes. 

Dilemma:  some of the big blocks have the same sashes as the big sashes.   You know, the Fear of Two Fabrics Touching.  If I don't notice it then I'll leave it but if I do notice it at a point that I can change it then I can't not change it. 


In this photo: inner sash + upper right blue bird-in-the-air + big sash = too much of the same.

(I am fully aware that this matching or not will make no difference to the recipients of the quilt. But I will know.) 

SO I'm still ripping and still sewing.

# # # # # # #

On to the stash report.  

Fabric IN, July: 52 yards, $277, $5.32/yard

Fabric OUT, July: 47-1/2 yards (some of that is now en route to Cathy L.)

Fabric IN, YTD: 233-1/8 yards, $851, average $3.65/yard

Fabric OUT, YTD: 295 yards

Net Reduction: 61-7/8

But, meanwhile . . . the August RSC color is teal/aqua.  I've been so preoccupied by the wedding quilt that I had to look in the box to see what blocks I'm making this year.  And then I cut some fabric. But just a little.  First things first!  

I'll declare the August OMG, post wildflower photos, and give the reading report in the next post.

Okay, ONE wildflower.  This is wild petunia. ruellia humilis. Also called fringeleaf or hairy petunia.


Libby in TN said...

Sounds like you've been taking lessons from me! As long as I have the time and resources, I want to be pleased with the result, even if the recipient won't know the difference.

cityquilter grace said...

sounds like lots of decisions there'll be gorgeous of that i am certain

Patty said...

Great blocks. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congratulations on your finish!

ishikavarma said...

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