Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Midweek / midyear: churn dashes, stash report, and OMG July

Rabbit, rabbit!  I snapped this photo during my afternoon walk one day last week.
I finished 60 9-1/2" churn dash blocks. They're my contribution to the Stashbusters' quilts in memory of our friend Marianne.  It was fun to choose a variety of prints and colors -- the only criterion was that there be a strong contrast.  I'll mail these today to Jean M. who's coordinating the project. 
Stash report for June:
Fabric IN:  31-3/8, $213  ($6.76 avg./yd.)
Fabric OUT: 49-5/8

YTD fabric IN:  405-7/8, $668 ($1.90/yd.) 
YTD fabric OUT: 522-1/8
Net reduction:  116-1/4

After not purchasing any fabric from March 1 through May, I indulged a little in June (hey, it's my birthday month!) --some pink for the baby quilt and some gray, blue, green for the wedding quilt (see below)....and some just because.

My One Monthly Goal for July is to make the quilt for my nephew's wedding.  More precisely, make the quilt this month for delivery to Barb-the-quilter in early August so that it will be finished in time for the late-September wedding.  I have four blocks done -- 21 to go.  They're not hard, just piece-intensive. 
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P.S.  Happy Canada Day!

This sewing machine, in the Canadian History Museum in Ottawa, was used to sew the prototype of the Maple Leaf flag.  (From our 2017 trip.)


  1. I've always liked Goose in the Pond. I was inspired by a photo this morning to try it with some of my 9-patches that were intended for Jack's Chain.

  2. I am completely awed, in the true sense of the word, buy your 6 month year to date totals. Wow! Good Job~

  3. that is my mother's machine...named sunny! awesome churn dash blocks nann...sent mine off already...

  4. You really moved right along on those Churn Dash blocks. I'm going to make some but I don't think it will be 60 but probably more like 5 or 10.

    I have a really old Goose in the Pond UFO! Good luck on getting yours completed sooner than I have.

  5. I love those blocks for your nephew's quilt!

  6. 60 churn dash blocks, Nann !! Show off. I was aiming for 5 today, one for each quilt. LOL I didnt want Jean to be overstuffed with blocks and not know what to do with them all. She certainly has ALOT of quilting to do !

  7. Enjoy! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  8. Before my nephew got married I was going to make him a Bachelor's Puzzle, aka Goose On the Pond quilt, but maybe it will go to his brother instead? (not begun yet!) Or maybe just change the name to Goose on the Pond for him and his wife! I was planning on making 18" blocks.


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