Sunday, September 1, 2019

Weekly update: teal mini, WIP, stash report, and OMG declaration

"Where did the summer go?" I join the chorus this September 1.  I did remember to say, "Rabbit rabbit," as I woke up today.  (Here is the origin of the custom.  I learned about it in from a Trixie Belden mystery that I read circa 1963 but only in recent years have I remembered to say the magic words.)

Bright Bouquet is my entry in the 2019 Teal Mini Swap . My swap buddy Lisa received it mid-week. She likes it!   The swap fabric is the teal used in the vase. The design is by Linderella, published in McCall's Quick Quilts a long time ago.  (I made it once before: here.)

The border is made from three different gray/
white fabrics cut into 1-1/2" strips, pieced A-B-A   and B-C-B, and cut into 1-1/2" units, then sewn together.

The guild challenge and the mini-swap took  quilting time but didn't use much fabric.

Fabric IN  --  30 yards, $2.50  (18 yards on the guild giveaway table, 12 yards for $2.50 at the church rummage sale)
Fabric OUT -- 85-1/8  (60 yards given away to other quilt makers, along with quilt books)

Fabric IN -- 405 yards, $1457, avg. $3.60/yd
Fabric OUT -- 384-1/4
Net --  20-3/4 yards IN

It's time to declare the ONE MONTHLY GOAL for September.   It's another two-part goal:

(1)   Ten tote bags for the Nepal school project.  (I made 10 in August and need to make 40 in all.)

(2)   Finish the Music Quilt.  It will be donated to the Lake County Symphony Orchestra fall fundraising gala in October.

I bought this six-picture panel specifically with the LCSO quilt in mind.  I pinned it to the design wall and contemplated a setting.  Elaborate sashing?  Alternate blocks?  Bonnie Hunter's Random Ohio Stars (2005) came to mind. Perfect!  I had some music-themed fabric conveniently in black/white and gold/brown. I pulled out grays, golds, blacks, whites.  Here are all the blocks! I will probably have a thin inner border and a wider outer border.

I've made ROS several times: here and here. (There was a third but I can't find the post.)

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  1. I had never heard of that "Rabbit Rabbit" custom before; well, next month i will have to do it for sure--your little swap art is so pretty and cheerful...hugs, Julierose

  2. Fun custom! I used to be a sailor, and the word Rabbit is strickly forbidden, because of bad luck on a boat ;) Pretty music quilt, love the random stars

  3. Your teal mini swap project is adorable! It looks like it was fun to make!

  4. I like your bottom picture of the music quilt. It looks like you had some fun in August, too.

  5. love your little swap....and bonnie hunter's stars are perfect for that donation quilt....and this book/fabric recipient says a huge thanks!

  6. Great idea to mix those panels with those Ohio stars. The quilt is going to be lovely. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  7. Your swap quilt is so cheerful and happy. Love the brightly colored flowers. I love what you are doing with you donation quilt. Great idea!

  8. Your swap quilt is darling! I really like the music quilt. That is such a good way to use the panel,. Enjoy your Labor Day.

  9. Your symphony donation quilt is amazing. What a great goal for this month. Good luck.

  10. Good luck with your September OMG. Your music quilt is pretty spectacular. It should do really well at auction.

  11. Thanks for sharing the other little bouquet of flowers. It's interesting to see how different they look even though they are the same pattern. I like both! Your music quilt is stunning. I'm going to look up Bonnie's Random Ohio Star. It's a winner. I just realized that you are champion blogger -- starting in 2007. Congratulations on sticking with it so long.

  12. I never heard of "Rabbit, rabbit" either but happy to know that you have a wonderful September to look forward to now! Lol! Your ROS quilt is lovely and will surely bring in some funds for the orchestra. Happy to hear that some places still appreciate music!

  13. Your symphony quilt will be interesting. I like the mix of panel squares with random Ohio Stars. That design looks very attractive. Good luck finishing it this month.
    I never heard of Rabbit until I met Rod Kirakofe. I didn't realize it was that popular.

  14. Great quilt! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  15. A-a-a-and now I know what to do with that panel of bird prints I bought in Maine. Steal from the best, dontchaknow!

    I finally remembered to say "Rabbit rabbit rabbit" before any other speech first thing on Sunday. We'll see how that works out--I didn't realize there might be a gift at the end of it!

  16. Your post really inspires me this gloomy morning. It’s so full of Quilty goodness. I’m especially crushing on your symphony quilt. Clever, clever. Good luck with your OMG! Such a worthy cause.

  17. Well, who wouldn't like that cheerful little mini? So cute! You have some good goals set!


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