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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Wildflowers, June stash report, and some acquisitions -- and a new project

I took a short walk on the beach at Hosah Park this afternoon.  The rain was over the lake and the storm brought a stiff northeast breeze.

Early July wildflowers.
Top: black-eyed Susan, hoary puccoon, cow parsnip.
Center: Butterfly weed, milkweed, boneset.
Bottom:  fleabane, unknown.

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June quilting report:
Fabric in:  2-3/4, $28
Fabric out: 19-1/2
YTD fabric in: 140-1/4, $749.69
YTD fabric out: 247-5/8
Net fabric reduction: 107-3/8
Pieced back for Paths and Stiles

I quilted two flimsies -- Path Through the Forest ( here )
and Paths and Stiles.

# # # # # # #
Though I didn't acquire much fabric I did acquire some other treasures.
This vintage glassware came from an estate sale.  (Ivy and apples are Hazel-Atlas. Juice pitcher is Anchor Hocking.)

The Toby jug is Old Charley.  It was a bargain at an antiques mall. (Another vendor had the same one for twice the price.)

And, finally:  a new project using 2" squares.

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  1. What a beautiful beach!! and the 2 inch square project.... sounds enticing!

  2. 2" squares? Must keep watching to see what you do with these. Glad to see you back to blogging. Missed you last week.

  3. Gorgeous lake and flower shots! What fun to find treasures in the shops. and some sewing, that's the best. I'm working with 2" squares too, but mine are becoming 4 patches.

  4. Hi Nann,
    Love the vintage glassware. I recall my mom having some of that, but alas it is long gone. The 2" square project is lovely! I love it and have always wanted to make one myself . . . it is on the 'mental' list, you know?! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. love your glass finds nann...i've got some vintage pyrex too...glad to see you are keeping busy...check out my blog for the new border...thanks again for your input!

  6. The 2 nch squares quilt looks very pretty-and so peaceful. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on it.

  7. Hi Nann, i've enjoyed a nice catch up! Good Luck with your July goal, it looks quite modern. I have quite a few Toby's, most were my Grandmother's, but my largest looks like Charley there. Is he like 6"?


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