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Monday, July 17, 2017

Weekly update: garden tour and Care Bags

We had beautiful weather this weekend with sunshine and low humidity. Saturday was perfect for the annual Illinois Dunesland Garden Club garden walk.

The walk starts at the library where the maps to the five gardens are distributed. There's no admission fee. The club makes money on a bucket raffle with items on display in the library lobby.  I bought $30 worth of tickets and won two gift certificates, a gift basket, and a framed print. I got my money's worth!

This year's gardens were in Beach Park, Zion (two, across the alley from one another), Winthrop Harbor, and Carol Beach (just north of the state line).

Back in the studio:
I've supported the Care Bags Foundation for a long time.  They provide ditty bags filled with toiletries (plus a book and a small toy) that are distributed to kids in crisis. My goal is to make 100 bags a year.  I'm glad I checked the website before I began making this year's batch because the pattern has changed. The bags are larger to hold fleece blankets that other Care Bags volunteers make.

Of course larger bags mean I'll use up more stash!  I plumb the Deep Stash to find vintage fabrics, tablecloths, and fashion fabrics.

This poly/cotton woven plaid came from a thrift shop, mill outlet tag included. $5.99 was the original price (1960's, probably).  The 4-yard piece was enough for five bags.

I have two quilt donation opportunities, one for August and one later in the year. If nothing on hand will suit then, gee, I'll just have to start something new.  To that end I've begun perusing back issues of quilt magazines.

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P.S.  I am throwing my hat in the ring -- rather, my coins in the jar -- and joining Val for the 2017 Piggybank Challenge . You can see my score for 2017 in this post and my method in this post .


  1. Hey glad you'll be joining us again for the piggy bank challenge! Love this idea of creating bags for this organization. THank you for sharing the link so we chack them out. :)

  2. Love that you are using deep stash -- and for such a worthy cause. 100 bags will certainly move out a lot of that stash -- but I doubt if it will deplete it any time soon! Must see what the piggy bank challenge is about...

  3. Garden tours can be a lot of fun. My yellow thumb means I'll never be a gardener of large degree!

    So nice to see deep stash used creatively to help others. Your generosity will be appreciated.

  4. The bags are a fun opportunity to use up older stash and even better, it's for a very worthy cause.

  5. Good luck on the piggy bank challenge!!!!

  6. oh a garden walk is nice... wish I could go too


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