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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Raffle mania and the Piggy Bank Challenge

Our guild's July program is Raffle Mania. It's an opportunity to offload no-longer-loved quilting stuff and a chance to take home someone else's in a bucket raffle. (Bucket raffles used to be called Chinese auctions -- here is an explanation.)   Each member gets tickets based on attendance and participation during the year and additional tickets are for sale (.50).  I got 18 free tickets which was enough to "spend."

I contributed a specialty ruler I won a few years ago and never used, 24 patterns that I never got around to making, a shoebox with 16 yards of Christmas fabric, and a ziploc bag crammed full of 8 yards of Christmas scraps.

Here are my winnings.

This kit came in a vintage plastic box (remember styrene?). The pattern is dated 1985.  I only wanted the fabric. Another guild member was delighted when I gave her the pattern.

 More patterns.

In all, 11-1/2 yards of fabric, four patterns, and a bag of M&Ms for the price of attending guild meetings this year.

And now, on to the Piggy Bank Challenge.  Last July Val (Val's Quilting Studio) announced the 4th annual PBC.  The idea: save your change. A year later report the total and what quilty purchase you'll use it for.  My rules for my version, the Change Game, are detailed in this post -- basically, I save spare change, $5 bills, and $1 bills with Federal Reserve B and H designations.

The result, after a year:  $119.21 in change and $589 in currency.  That's $708.21.  This morning I placed an online order for a 40-yd roll of Warm and Natural batting for $321.99.   I still have money in the bank!

See how other quiltmakers have done in Val's link up


  1. Nan!!! THAT is fantastic savings!! WOW!!! You've motivated me to be even more intentional this year!! :)

  2. Fabric, patterns, AND candy!?! Win/win/win! We have a ceramic jar with "Your Inheritance" stamped on it, into which goes our spare change. The boys have no illusions....

  3. Wow! You did such a great job of saving! I'll have to pay more attention next year. I'd love to save five or six hundred dollars.

  4. Your change game clearly works wonderfully! Congratulations on your savings. That is fantastic. The batting sounds fabulous, too.

  5. Sounds like a fun guild meeting. Have you ever blogged about the tickets--i.e. How you earn them? I'm using up a roll of poly stuff I bought last year and than I'll decide what I'll replace it with.

  6. Wow you did awesome on the savings!! I love the idea of buying a big roll of batting!!!!

  7. Nice haul at the guild meeting and lots of fun, too!


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