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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Weekly update: batik jewels

The Batik Jewel Box project is now a flimsy.  I had to get more light batik for the outer border, but that was all I purchased.  The flimsy is 72 x 82 and used 5 yards.

I'm about halfway through quilting Path Through the Forest.  (You can see the flimsy in this post.)
The backing is a madras plaid that I got when I lived in Fargo. (A friend of a friend had been a semi-professional dressmaker. She sold her fashion fabric supply when her eyesight deteriorated. She asked for a fair donation that was up to the buyer.)

I leave Tuesday morning for the AAUW national convention in Washington. Home Sunday afternoon.

More volunteers in the garden--flowers I did not plant.  I took the photo of the Japanese iris early in the week. (They've since faded.)

I'm not sure what the pink flower is.

 Some non-volunteers.  I love peonies!

We got the white ones at a house sale eight or nine years ago -- a garbage bag of  roots for $20. They've done well!

The pink ones came with the house.

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  1. Beautiful quilt top Nann. My peonies are blooming too so of course it has to rain so they are getting trampled. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  2. Your Jewel Box top is lovely, such pretty colours.

  3. Your Jewel Box is a happy quilt. Can't beat a simple graphic pattern in my book.

  4. The Batik Jewel Box is so pretty. I love the feeling of getting a quilt top completed. Good Job! I too, love peonies.

  5. Jewel box looks terrific. Enjoy Washington (DC?) If it's DC the weather is absolutely STEAMING. Hopefully you'll be inside most of the time. Your plants are looking great. We need to add some plants but are waiting to see how what we had planted last fall do.

  6. Jewel Box is lovely and fresh looking, good job! Thanks for the garden tour, too.

  7. Love how you sashed jewel box. It is a beautiful quilt top.


  8. beautiful quilt - I just received a yellow peony for mother's day - Im excited about the new color

  9. Jewel box is terrific! You flowers, planned and volunteers are lovely. Have a safe and fun trip!

  10. I love the madras backing. It adds so much whimsy.

  11. A lovely 'jewel box' quilt! Always one of my favourites! I love how the oldish block ideas are still so popular & pretty!

  12. Love the batik jewel box quilt -so bright, so happy and scraptastic!!!


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