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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Weekly update: two finishes and vintage bargains

It was cold and rainy on Friday for the 17th annual Jack McElmurry Memorial Golf Outing   That's our Rotary Club's big fundraiser.  Sixteen of the twenty foursomes played the entire course. Everyone was glad to be inside for the dinner and auction!

I donated Bali Stars to the live auction and again offered a t-shirt quilt for the silent auction. Eva (Jack's widow) was the high bidder for the t-shirt quilt as she was last year (here). She said she hasn't decided which granddaughter will provide the shirts and get the quilt.

I posted a photo of Scrappy Cedars last week. See the difference? It's finished!  The back has two strips of HSTs. (I have a box full of them and I keep replenishing the supply.) The blue fabric is an inspired-by-Clarice-Cliff print that I've had for many, many years. Its background is an odd shade (kind of greened pewter) that never seemed to go with anything I was making. (Here is more about Clarice Cliff.)

8-1/2 yards used for top, back, binding.

I wasn't ready to begin a new project so I turned to the box of flimsies.  The scrappy pinwheel top I made last year was on the top.  (The blocks use the same HSTs as the Little Cedar Tree blocks.)  I did easy straight-line quilting in the center, a curvy line in the inner border, and a free-form vine in the border.  The pieced inset in the back is made from 4.5" four-patch blocks from a swap.  2-5/8 for the backing and binding.

The vintage bargains came in two batches. (You know they're vintage if they're either 36" wide or 44/45" wide.)  The first was at a church rummage sale on Friday. Two yards, three different polka-dot prints, 36".   I paid $1.

I drove to Kenosha on errands on Saturday. I spied a sign for an estate sale and went to take a look. The ca. 1920 house had a semi-finished walk-up attic. At one end was a table loaded with fabric. The sign said $3 per piece.  I got eight pieces.  Back home I measured -- 26-3/8 yds, for $24!

Aren't these prints wonderful?   The pink flowers-on-gray is almost contemporary. The green/pink/yellow is just groovy!  I washed all of it. No colors ran and all of the pieces ironed smoothly.  Old cottons have a lovely hand, and I like the faintly dusty smell (which washes out).

As I've said, if I can't keep from buying fabric then I might as well get bargains,

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  1. You've been busy and frugal. Great combination.

  2. nice haul there nann...i have one of those gray type vintage prints with turquoise flowers....and i agree,looks mod to me

  3. Ohhh I really like that Scrappy Cedars - what a beaut!

  4. I love looking for bargain fabrics at thrift shops and have found a lot of Moda, Cotton and Steel, and other brand names. Yeah, I know the problem is finding time to get it all sewn up. Love your scrappy pinwheel quilt.

  5. I really like that scrappy pinwheels quilt Nann, especially with that pieced strip on the back. Congrats on your bargains - it's the best way to buy fabric! Thanks for sharing on MCM!

  6. Wonderful 'scrappy cedars' quilt! And some great fabric finds too!

  7. The Scrappy Pinwheels turned out beautifully. You've been really busy using up those scraps. Love your vintage fabric finds.

  8. Very pretty! I love your pinwheels, and that birds and boats fabric is neat!


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