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Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekly update: something new

 5:30 Sunday: sunrise over Lake Michigan.

It is interesting to conjecture how this dresser ended up on the beach.

In the studio:  as I plugged away at the QOV Ohio Stars I sewed HSTs into twosies as leaders-and-enders. From twosies to foursies to sixteen-patches, and here's the result.

The inspiration is a quilt named "Zig Zag Cedars" by Lynn Roddy Brown.  It's published in "Patchwork-Play Quilts" which I bought when Martingale had its warehouse sale earlier this year.  Lynn's HSTs are 3.5" making 12" (fin) blocks. My HSTs are 2.5" making 8" (fin) blocks.  I know I could have chosen different colors for the zig-zag sashing and the borders, but once I'd seen Lynn's colorway that's what stuck.
(c) Lynn Roddy Brown
I'm pleased to add that I pieced the backing and basted it. The quilting is underway.

Monday link ups:

Notice!  Judy posted on Patchwork Times today that she is discontinuing Design Wall Monday. Because of DWM and its weekly discipline I've blogged more consistently. It's given me the opportunity to get to know many other quilters. Thank you, Judy! 


  1. I made a similar quilt two years ago! Lynn Roddy Brown' s book was my inspiration also. Great minds .......! Love yours!
    I too will miss Judy's DWM but I can understand. That's how I found your blog. Monday won't be the same.

  2. What a great use of little half square triangles. I wonder if I have all that many to use up? I could if I used my triangle go die a bit! It really looks great.

  3. I do that too - see a quilt in a particular colorway and then can't get it out of my mind. I like that this was a leader/ender project, and look forward to seeing it quilted. Thanks for sharing your quilt and lovely beach pics on MCM!

  4. Love it!! I started HSTs for another project, but now I'm inspired to possibly go in another direction.

  5. love gray for backgrounds...makes colors pop...right choice nann...


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