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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A good finish

4/25/17:  posting to OMG Finish on the Elm Street Quilts blog. 

Howzabout that? My April OMG project is finished!

I didn't intend to sew yesterday.  I had an eye doctor appointment in the morning, the first in four years. (No problems with retinas or corneas, no prescription changes. Hooray!)  I went to the lunch meeting of the Mundelein-Vernon Hills Rotary Club  to promote our club's upcoming golf outing. (This is the fourth of seven such visits to area clubs.)

By the end of the afternoon it was raining hard.  I set out at 6:30 for  P.E.O.   The meeting hostess lives on the north side of Buffalo Grove, 30 miles away.  I got as far as Gurnee and decided to turn around and go home -- wet highways, heavy traffic, and fatigue are not a good combination.

I spent the rest of the evening in my studio and finished the tote bag.  I'm developing a go-to tote bag model.  My design notes:  *I used car head liner to shape the bag. It's easy to quilt through. 
*  I made many of the "equity" blocks (equal signs for the Gender Equity Fund) and I wanted to use them.  That meant that the bag is fairly tall (13-1/2). 
* The handles are made from a 4" batik strip folded around a 1" piece of head liner.  Next time I'll cut 4-1/2" fabric and 1-1/4" head liner to make them a little wider but not too wide.
Our yard signs 

* I use corrugated plastic campaign signs for the bag-bottom insert.   The plastic is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to cut.   I cover the insert with fabric that complements the bag lining.  One sign is enough for eight ot ten totes -- just wait until AFTER the election to appropriate it.   

Today is the consolidated local election (township, municipal, school, library, park, etc.)                          

I'm joining other quiltmakers for Linky Tuesday at Free Motion by the River.


  1. Super cute! Looks so islandly (that's probably not a real word... but fun non the less.)

  2. Really nice! Agree, it looks ready for an island adventure!

  3. Your finished bag looks great. It should be a hit. We're getting that rain and everything that comes with it tonight through mid day tomorrow.

  4. Really nice tote bag! Never heard of "car head liner". What is it? And great idea to repurpose campaign signs!

    1. It is fabric-backed 3/16" foam used in car/truck ceilings. It's sold by the yard at Joann's.

  5. Nice bag! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

  6. Very pretty bag! Congrats on meeting your April OMG.


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