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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Weekly update: WITB

My Myers-Briggs typology is ESFJ.  It indicates that I like closure. I am uncomfortable having quilting UFOs. I generally push through to the flimsy stage. I can live with flimsies for a long time.

Last month the Stashbusters Yahoo Group chatted about organizing sewing rooms and inventorying UFOs.  Several people posted photos of the boxes they use to store UFOs and WIPs (works-in-progress).  "What's in the box?" quickly became WITB.

I thought, "I don't have many UFOs. What do I have in boxes?" Then I took a good look around my studio.  I have more boxes than I realized -- not so many UFOs but parts and patches aplenty.  
Two boxes of orphan blocks (and some bags of units) 

Postage stamps, red/black/white parts, and light-dark-light 9ps

Lime green strips cut about 10 years ago, some blocks made

Right: scrap triangles. Left: sewn triangles. Many sizes.

4p; mixed-fabric 9p; cat's cradle units

2.5" and 2" HST (my go-to Leaders-and-Enders)

3.5" 9p from the BlockSwappers exchanges (about 700 in this box!)

Hexies made from neckties, my ongoing travel handwork 
After I took these photos I found some more boxes but I will spare you the tour. I think you get the idea, as I certainly do, that WITB is a lot of quilt potential!



  1. the plastics industry should kiss our

  2. LOL cityquilter grace!!! Is it wrong to love this post so much? I love your organization, I love that you have all the bits and pieces sorted like you do. I love those hexies the most! I love the bin of itty bitty 9 patches! I love it all. :)


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