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Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Annual Reckoning, 2016 edition

A never-used postcard (pre-WWI) from my collection.  Postage instructions on reverse: "Domestic / Canada  / Cuba / Mexico / Hawaii / Philippines /  Porto Rico  1 Cent. Foreign 2 cents." 

For nineteen years I've kept track of the fabric I have acquired and used. I've confessed  shared the results on New Year's Day.  

"Bought" means acquired, whether purchased, received as a gift, or won as a prize.   I count fashion fabric but I don't count vintage textiles. I don't track expenses for thread, batting, books, magazines, patterns, and other notions. I don't count the cost of professional long-arm quilting  "Used" means any project at the flimsy stage (not WIPs), blocks made to swap, fabric sold, and scraps given away.  This is my accounting system. It may not appeal to or work for you.  

Quilt shows are inspirational. They are also stash-enhancing. Many of my purchases were made at the three big shows I attended -- Dallas, Rosemont, and Madison. 

I began the year with 17 flimsies in the box. I ended the year with 12 flimsies in the box (only three of which were among those 17.)  In between: 
I made 34 quilts/flimsies -- 20 finished (by me); 9 flimsies in the box; 4 flimsies sold; 1 professionally quilted.  I sold 18 flimsies (4 made in 2016). 
I contributed quilts to a number of community organizations.  I made about two dozen pilowcases on commission. 
I participated in the One Monthly Goal blog linkup and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Both provided a way to focus on specific projects. 
I presented my "Every Quilt Tells a Story" program to four women's groups.  That was great fun. 
I emptied 93 spools of thread. 

My 2016 goals were:  
*  Learn and practice a new technique.  (Bonus: use a specialty ruler.)  
   Done!  I made New York Beauty blocks that included curved and paper piecing.  I helped with our guild raffle quilt that also used those techniques. I bought the V Ruler and used it for units in the En Provence mystery.
*  Finish flimsies. Yes -- and I began others. 

*  Reduce:  quilt fabric stash, books, magazines, patterns, vintage linens, fashion fabric.
Mixed: I  gave away 60+ yards of fabric and many magazines. I sold 18 flimsies for $735.00.  I bought about two dozen books at publishers' warehouse sales. The vintage linens and fashion fabric collections neither grew nor shrank. :)
*  Host one blog giveaway each quarter.  Nope.
*  Make 100 Care Bags.  Yes! 
*  Enjoy the journey.  I did indeed. 

In 2017 I plan to
* Acquire less, use more -- fabric, patterns, notions, and everything else.
* Make six tote bags from six different patterns. (That's one every other month. I have many tote bag patterns.) 
* Continue with OMG and RSC.
* Host quarterly blog giveaways.  I can do it!

In summary, it was a great quilting year. I hope that you can look back on yours with a similar feeling of accomplishment.  Here's to a scrappy, fiber-filled 2017! 


  1. Happy New Year. I look forward to seeing what you share in 2017.

  2. What an awesome gathering of your energies ! A great year, indeed 1

  3. congrats to you. i haven't accomplished much since 2010. have high hopes though. patti in florida

  4. Wow, You have done a terrific job this year. I love that you 'enjoyed the journey'. I have no doubt you will do it again. Happy New YEar!

  5. Sounds like a plan! I've got "put a zipper in something" on my list.

  6. Well it looks like you are enjoying retirement! great job.

  7. really enjoyed your reckoning - I am amazed at all you did this year. And my acquiring totals don't feel as odd. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Oh that is fascinating to read! I'm a terrible goal setter and have never kept track of fabric ins and outs, but I like reading about yours. What a lot of wonderful hours you have spent enjoying your hobby skills and furthering your experiences with fabric and friends.

  9. It boggles my mind to think you have a net of 4,000 yards of fabric stashed in your house. Your stats are so interesting. You've been very productive this year. I would like you to send me some of your motivation and your energy! Good luck with the 2017 goals. It seems like a smaller list than last year.

  10. Fantastic! I am always inspired by your list but have never made enough of an effort to document my own results. Maybe this is finally the year I do so! Congratulations!


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