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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Quilting result . . . and Tuesday surgery

Here is  my new footwear.  I had a bunionectomy at 7:30 this morning. That necessitated our checking in at the hospital at 6 a.m. which in turn meant we woke up at 4:30.   I came out of the anesthesia at 9:30 and we were home by 10:30.  It took a couple of hours for me to sleep it off.  As I write this (late afternoon) the local anesthesia is starting to wear away. Guess I won't escape the predicted pain after all.

I plan to sew left-footed until I get the all-clear (a month, maybe?).

In anticipation of the surgery I hustled to get the batik log/rail flimsy assembled.  I did use the lime green sashing thanks to your encouragement.  The pattern name is "Solidly Built."  Maybe I will call this "Path to the Cabin."  Any other suggestions?

It is 72 x 78 and used 4-3/8 yards.


  1. Not sure I could sew left-footed! Hope your recovery goes well.

  2. I sew left footed most of the time. I can change feet during a project. There really isn't any problem with it like everyone seems to think.

  3. It makes me think of flower beds and lawns and gardens mazes. I can sew with either foot, but prefer a knee control for my right knee.

  4. oh nann...heal quick...i like crayola coins....looks like a box of 64!...happy thanksgiving

  5. heres hoping you are up and at em real soon! love your quilt. I dont name mine. LOL they are referred to as the deer quilt, the purple quilt etc. ha ha

  6. Here's hoping that your feet allowed you to enjoy Thankgiving and I hope that you get well soon! The quilt looks wonderful and happy!

  7. Hope your foot heals quickly! The quilt looks lovely! I hope your foot didnt interfere too much with celebrating Thanksgiving.


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