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Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekly update: a visit, handwork, and October stash report

It's the end of October and the roses are still blooming. See the buds? That's optimism!

Daughter Julie arrived on Thursday to see her dad and to help me with decision-making.   On Friday the nursing home PT did a home assessment and made recommendations for ways to make our house more accessible.  We had passes so he could spend time off-campus.

We went out to lunch, he got a haircut, and he and I voted.  (He signed a form to permit me to assist him.  He was able to sit in a voting booth. I read the candidates' names for each office and marked as he instructed.  The election judges said they were doing a brisk business though there wasn't a line when we were there.)

Their noses are from the Stevens side

On Saturday we took a drive down the North Shore and had lunch in Lake Forest.  On Sunday we went to church, where Stevens was heartily welcomed.   It was the congregation's 93rd birthday, commemorated with a "family" photo and a potluck lunch.

I took Julie to this cheese shop just off I-94  in Kenosha.  I remember stopping here in the mid-50's when our family went to Door County for vacation.   The clerk said they've been in business 67 years.

I got summer sausage "mittout" (without garlic, that is).

Julie went home to New Hampshire Sunday afternoon.  I took her to the airport (Milwaukee is such a breeze compared to O'Hare!) and returned to the nursing home in time for with Stevens. We watched  The Durrells in Corfu (we loved the books and we really like the TV version) and Poldark.

I sneaked glances at the World Series.  All of Chicagoland is rooting for the Cubs!

And, finally:  the quilting report.  I haven't had time to sit at my sewing machine for any extended period. The plus blocks I showed last week are still on the design wall.

I take handwork to the nursing home.  Coastal Lily is by Minick and Simpson. The bright version in the photo is clipped from American Quilter magazine. The flowers have embroidered stamens. I've done 15 of the 36.  I anticipate this project will have a long germination.

Barring a Hallowe'en fabric shopping excursion, here's the October stash report:
October fabric in:  0  -- zip, zilch, nada! 
October fabric out:  42-3/4  (which includes 21 yards sold at the guild rummage sale and 10 yards sold afterward)
2016 to date fabric in:  345-1/4, $1338 ($3.88/yd)
2016 to date fabric out:  258-1/8

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 P.S. Not all my landscape snapshots are at the beach. This is Shiloh Blvd. in Zion, Sunday afternoon.


  1. You managed to pack a lot into your week! Glad to see Stevens is progressing. I never realized how inaccessible our world is until we started looking for houses that would accommodate MIL.

  2. I'm sure Stevens was very happy to get out and about. Let's hope you can make any accommodations to the house so you can bring him home. Hubby grew up in Chicago and going to the Cubs games by himself on the El. (You can tell I'm not from Chicago! Is that the way it is spelled?) Anyway I was happy to see them win last night. I'm not sure why the game announcers seem so pro Cleveland. For pity sake the Cubs haven't won a World Series in a lot longer time frame. Give 'em a break.

  3. A very busy week. Hope you are able to get Stevens home soon. Congrats on all the fabric out this year, that's pretty amazing.

  4. Hopefully getting your DH home will be less difficult now. Lovely visit from family sure is a mood booster! Pretty pics, thanks for sharing.

  5. putting me to shame with your fabric output there nann...good to see your hub up and out....


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